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Sunday, February 8, 2009

indie film worth seeing: “sorry, thanks”


for: anyone who’s spent time in the . anyone in a relationship who has fallen in love with another person. anyone who enjoyed (especially mitch kramer, played by wiley wiggins, the star of the movie). anyone who’s friends with sneakmove pal mike senese, making a feature film debut as “david.”

premiering at festivals in early 2009. check the site, sign up for the email list, and be a part of something fun. thanks!

LOVE IS COCKSUCKITY. Movies are not.

Please check out “SORRY, THANKS” at our just-launched website!:
, check out the , the film’s music (the artists of & crazy genius TIM FITE), etc.

WHAT:  Sorry, Thanks is an upcoming indie ensemble comedy starring Wiley Wiggins (yes, THAT Wiley: the beloved Mitch from “Dazed & Confused”), newcomer Kenya Miles, Andrew Bujalski (”Mutual Appreciation” “Funny Ha Ha,” “Hannah Takes the Stairs”), and newcomer Ia Hernandez. Sorry, Thanks charts inner turmoil, self-delusion, and deep fallibility (in a laughy kind of way). The jist: Reeling from a brutal break-up, Kira sleeps with Max, a charming but disheveled wreck already committed to a long-term girlfriend. Good luck leading with your heart, when your heart is an utter emotional idiot.

WHERE & WHEN:  We hope to be festival-bound *very soon*, so please KEEP checking back on the website for !

Better yet: ! Easy.

It’s all fun & games until someone gets their heart poked out. Poke.

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    I love feature film debuts!

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