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Monday, October 19, 2009

the ultimate warrior: total nutjob

the ultimate warrior was the coolest professional wrestler ever. was.

documents behind-the-scenes and post-wrestling tidbits that show a side that’s hard to like. from the post-steroid scandal “muscle suit” he had to wear, to the theories that he was portrayed by a different person halfway through his career (which i still believe), to legally changing his name to “warrior,” to his new role as a conservative speaker who has denounced homosexuality, to his ebay auction business where he has rambling retorts to antagonistic messages, to the that culminated with him inexplicably traveling to the north pole and .

he used to be the best. now he’s the worst.

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  • Jude said,

    remember your youth?

    remember waching his promos?

    remember(even THEN)thinking to yourself: “mmmm..’kayyyy…”

    Even by pro wrestling standards–this guy was weird factor: 100!

    His YouTube collection is mind-crushingly priceless.

  • Anonymous said,

    is freaking out my morning.

  • gary tijuana said,

    Ah some great stuff on Youtube indeed! Here’s the epitome of why i liked the UW so much, as he beats the Honky Tonk Man in out of control, immediate fashion:

    But this is a great retrospective video of WWF/WWE people discussing how insane he really was:

    Really, it’s one of the funnier vids I’ve seen.

  • Halfway said,

    gary – that clip of the warrior beating the honkey tonk man for the intercontinental belt has always been my greatest memory from being a huge WWF fan as a kid. I remember watching it live on pay per view, i think – either Wrestlemania or the Royal Rumble, whichever it was and flipping the crap out.

  • gary tijuana said,

    I watched it live on PPV too. Actually I didn’t purchase it, but flipped to the channel just in time to watch the whole thing occur through those purplish wriggley lines that they used to scramble PPV back in those days. For some reason this segment came through really clear, and I THINK there was sound, but either way it was so fast, so dramatic, so wonderful, it really shaped me into being a huge U.W. fan. Well, until yesterday…
    From the comments on that YT page, it seems many fans feel the same way as us. I remember that my mom watched it with me–I’ll ask if she remembers it too.

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