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Monday, June 1, 2009

friday means rap music

do you ever meet someone and judge them by their ipod? you might be at a bar, say, dinner at limon in sf, or downtown at august in ny and your date runs off to the bathroom. you think to yourself, “i like this girl. mom was a teacher, dad, a doctor. family has good money, and she has down-to-earth tastes. that’s solid. she went to princeton but did a year volunteering overseas. hmmm, there is something going on here…but…what does she listen to?” then, you flip through the ipod and see if she is *clearly* the girl of your dreams. you click-wheel through. good stuff. mix of credible indie, and some majors–mf doom, peter, bjorn, and john, with some soulful van morrison and sam cooke. all the way around. good mix. she is a keeper…even if there is a stevie nicks track in there.

the homie’s most pathetic track?
careless whisper, by george michael.

but i love you anyway. thanks for dinner. let’s eat.

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