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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

friday mini-mix: seven songs, five are embarrassing

this is a .zip file with seven songs i have been listening to a lot lately. i won’t pretend that all of them are “good,” but they are all “awesome.” yes, even the fergie one. update: links to individual tracks added.

  • girls gone wild - ludacris (this is one of the most ridiculously great neptunes beats in a while. and ludacris kills it with some high-energy freshraps about his incredible success with the ladies.)
  • diddy rock - diddy f/ timbaland, twista & shawnna (if you would have told me in 1998 that i’d someday be talking about how much i liked a puff daddy song, i would have called you a very dirty name. but in the end, if timbaland produces your track, someone else writes your rhymes, and you get two good guest rappers to take the second and third verse, is it really your song anyway?)
  • fergalicious - fergie (sure to be a highly-controversial pick. but come on, this incorporates the funnest elements of songs by jj fad, afro-rican, and 2 live crew. you can’t go wrong with that, even if your face looks like you pulled the skin of off kirstie alley’s head and stretched parts of it out by mistake when trying to fit it over your own malformed skull.)
  • something about you (mr. oizo remix) - jamelia (just super slammingly hot. i wish mr. oizo would produce original tracks for pop rappers and r&b singers, instead of just doing remixes of them, because he always kills it. and this is no exception!)
  • that’s that - snoop dogg f/ r. kelly (this is just classic snoop, with awesome lines like “nothin’ on my chest but some ladies from the midwest.” and though r. kelly is an absolutely yucky human being, he does bring a lot of flavor to the hook. i’m just surprised that people are still willing to work with him or even associate with him.)
  • mr. jones - mike jones (exellent remake of the counting crows hit. SIKE! i usually like mike jones, but i sorta hate his vocals on this track. it’s also about a minute and a half too long. that said, the beat and the chorus are super great. i’d love to hear a version of this song that was three and a half minutes long and focused way more on the chorus.)
  • when you were young (jacques lu cont remix) - the killers (like the pixies covering bruce springsteen, then remixed by someone very, very tan and living in south beach. hooray for incredibly derivative music!)

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  • New Agey No Friends said,

    oh man fergalicious is cracking up a cracker.

  • QuarBy said,

    one of the best sneakmove posts ever.

  • Jon Sublet said,

    my two cents:
    girls gone wild - neck breaker
    fergalicious - hip shaker
    diddy rock - sleep inducer
    something about you - neck breaker
    that’s that - hip shaker
    mr. jones - sleep inducer
    when you were young - sleep inducer

    (order of goodness = neck breaker-> hip shapker-> sleep inducer)

  • DJ Ray Liotta said,

    two things i forgot to mention before:

    1) does will i am really not know how to spell “tasty?” or is this a case of conscious misspelling (like i hope “the dutchess” is).

    2) the homie dj halfway decent is the one who pointed out to me that the killers song sounds like the pixies covering springsteen. i’d already made the springsteen connection (you literally couldn’t miss making the connection unless this was the first time you’d ever heard music before), but the pixies part was all his. that said, the tan guy in south beach part is alllll mine!

  • G-Tardo said,

    “you can’t go wrong with that, even if your face looks like you pulled the skin of off kirstie alley’s head and stretched parts of it out by mistake when trying to fit it over your own malformed skull.”

    –which explains all that business about the lumps.

  • Michael said,

    OMG too funny, Fergie really does look like she had some sort of Face/Off moment with Kirstie Alley. Her face, much like her music, is such a mess. Of course that hasn’t stopped me from being intrigued by either.

  • Anonymous said,

    i used to listen to a LOT of springsteen as a kid (thanks mom) and I’ve gotta say that for all their SAYING they’re inspired by springsteen I respectfully don’t think they sound like him at all. the killers are the new duran duran with some dramarama mixed in.

    timmy molloy

  • DJ Ray Liotta said,

    the duran duran thing is true for the old album, but did you actually listen to this song? it’s a straight up springsteen rip off! sounds nothing like duran duran.

  • Anonymous said,

    So Hella Gummy!

  • Anonymous said,


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  • Anonymous said,

    Actually, Oizo does produse original stuff for Uffie. And it’s damn good!

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