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Saturday, October 07, 2006

friday means rap music

a's sweep! was anyone else hanging on that one just waiting for them to blow it? im an a's fan, don't get me wrong, but i was nervous. moneyball is like communism, or handjobs - good in potential, but not in practice. not everyone likes to eat the same 'ol beef stroganoff every night. sometimes i like steak a poivre, just like sometimes i like a big superstar hitter who sells a lot of jerseys and strikes fear in other player's hearts. frank thomas? yikes! that is like thinking you are going to get some minute rice and hamburger helper beef stroganoff, but instead getting the a poivre without asking!

so far, this playoff season has been a fun one and i just might start watching the championship series, as long as i don't get superstitious in thinking that me not watching had something to do with them winning. so maybe i will hang out, watch the departed, munch on a steak a poivre, do some pushups to get swoll, and wait for the winning scores to roll in. anyone excited that t.o. is back in philly this weekend? fight! fight! fight! all this jock talk makes me want to throw on some tights, a jersey, cleats, grab a cold gatorade fierce, and play sudoku all day!

sidewalks, by j-live and roy ayers. good stuff. good for a smile. for frank's sake, its saturday!



"moneyball is like communism, or handjobs -- good in potential, but not in practice."


10/07/2006 02:28:00 PM

this video is priceless!!!

10/09/2006 05:53:00 PM

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