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Sunday, July 01, 2007

badass offroad monotread motorcycle thing

combine a motorcycle, half a tank and a snowmobile and you've got an amazing new machine that looks like something from . german design students tilmann schlootz and oliver keller presented these two new concept vehicles to the 2006 michelin design challenge. the concept uses a newly designed flexible mono-tread system in place of two wheels to create a huge increase in traction and control.
is designed as an everyday use vehicle for all areas in the world with harder climatic and geographic conditions such as Alaska, Greenland, desert areas or mountain regions like the Himalaya. It can carry two persons and provides much space to transport any kind of small to midsize goods.

uses the engine concept and its unbeatable off road advantages as a race device. Made for professional riders, it has a very light body and a broad handlebar. This concept could take part in rallies Paris-Dakar or the Baja races.
put a small piece together about these vehicles, with a cool 3d diagram video of how it works.

let's hope they make a real one as it currently only exists as a 1/5 scale model.


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