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Monday, August 11, 2008

New Gnarls Vid

i can't say i am a huge gnarls barkley fan, but this video is pretty solid. great concept, solid direction, oh, and did i mention awesome and gross? check it out from director

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

fmrm - me and daniel dumile

it isn't as captivating as me and dupree, but whilst sweating away in ny i've been listening to a lot of mf doom. i've also been listening to a lot of iron and wine and pat benatar, too. i dont know if nike plans on doing a sam beam nike af1 or pat benatar nike dunk, but i think it might be a good idea. if you leave in weehawken, NJ, right now, boil your water and let's all be happy that they are only counting 5 critical casualties in minneapolis...
, a four tet remix


Sunday, June 17, 2007


so there is a television marketing convention that happens once a year. it can be quite dry. this year myself and 25 of my closest dearest friends tried to spice it up a bit by curating some of the most creative minds in the industry for a short film festival. the work was amazing and it was free of any financial or sponsored support, just the big idea of supporting creativity. one is here, but you can see them all at .

there were all sorts of reasons not to do it, so this was the soundtrack to keep things moving:
, by kanye.


Friday, June 01, 2007


there is just a lot about this that is so right. check it out:
1:19 steroid gay guy
142 hot pants
2:19 oiled muscle man
3:21 dance off to ward off the evil pimp
4:04 evil grimace of intrigue by back!!
4:24 hookers win by dancing into the morning sun!! hug it out.
4:58 team point and look.

i really love it and this song is really on my brain. listen to



Friday, May 18, 2007


oh man! you have to watch the whole thing and see who is at the end of this. it is hilarious!!

for some reason, kanye lures me back to sample-rich content-thin music sometime. maybe it has to do with stress and the need for something ridiculous, maybe it is that deep down i actually like the music. the video is pretty funny because he calls out all kinds of rap video hoes. you can see the video .

, by kanye and the game

but wait, there's more!! vida guerrera got angry since she was one of the hoes called out so she dropped the worst freestyle diss ever. sounds like mc sloppy joe at the 9th grade talent contest!

, from vida guerrera


Sunday, May 06, 2007


i was searching for this old mc serch aka michael berrin aka prince paul's friend aka tried to get into the beasie's but ended up getting the heisman from them aka host of the "white rapper show", clip where he talked about what he would write in his hair in his fade and then called out names from fake white rappers, but instead i found the clip from a video off of the soundtrack from 2000's "bamboozled." overall the movie was terrible but offered a nice foreshadowing and commentary on the state of media's obsession with exploitation and how it makes for "good tv." i think that savion glover getting shot by a group of militants didn't pack the punch that was needed for such a relevant message, but hey, has any spike lee joint ever had a good ending?! i mean, danny aiello throwing crumpled up money at mookie at the end of "," terrible. long live !!

man, if anyone knows what i'm taking about, thank you. here is the song that got me thinking:

, from 3rd bass featuring, yes!, nice and smooth


Friday, April 06, 2007


it appears that timbo has been losing some weight. probably from hustlin' around all those hot tracks recently

it also appears that 50 is losing some dead weight by throwing skinny annoying models into pools.

it also appears that the jew unit is the new

from timbaland's new album, , featuring 50 and tooonnyyyy-yaaaaayyyoooooo


Saturday, March 31, 2007


quarby dropped the what what a couple weeks ago about the new el-p album. i finally gave it a listen and figured out that cat power was on the last track. i will spare the critique on the verbal content since we all know that his dense lyrics are packed with emotion and commentary--those thin on thought might throw out the word "emo." whatever. it is a fun listen and robust. i had to take it back to '99 with the latyrx and el-p combo . for the distraught duo of chan marshall and el-p listen to .


Saturday, March 24, 2007

friday means rap music, 266 style

listen to the

aceyalone - headaches and woes
kool g. rap & dj polo - ill street blues
mf doom - dead bent
souls of mischief - 93 'til infinity remix
j live - braggin writes remix
jon sublet - sign off

so the audio quality isn't boss by any means, and some of the levels are hot--so, still working that out...hence the beta status. still, give it a listen, enjoy, and make sure you stick around for the sign off.

(song choice by jon sublet and the king of hoagies.)


Friday, March 09, 2007

friday means rap music

the homie says to me "i've got some good music for you." i think, suuuuure, if oasis hasn't come out with something new, or if the dixie chicks haven't done a crunk remix, i don't know if it is going to be able to knock my socks off. anyway, between listening to the cd and watching this video, i thought these guys were great. you can catch them in and around ny, and over the last few weeks they have played a few dates with ...

by the

(thanks, john robertson.)


Saturday, March 03, 2007

friday means rap music

i'm standing at this record shop in paris. these british kids come running in trying to find american gangsta rap mixtapes. all of the sudden they hear the "wukka wukka wukka," of record scratching. there is some guy in a booth behind some tables and these kids are enamored. i keep meandering around, searching for some fronch mixtapes to get some new music and broaden my horizons. i end up getting a vantage point of the dude behind the record players. he is crabbing away crazy fast, but just staring off in the distance. anyway, he isn't touching a damn thing, just scratching his fingers on the counter top...not even touching the mixer. he delighted at the reaction of the kids and was just playing some french mixtape, scratches already laid down. hahaha, tourists! they believe anything.

just like me, i guess. I bought these two things and had no idea if they were any good or not:

soul bro therapy, by ruddy lapoz and convoyeur de son, by dj sado

i don't speak french, and so am not sure if i dig the music or not, but if anyone has any info, tell me. my net searches came up fairly empty...

, by ruddy lapoz, from his "soul bro therapy"


listen here

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