Sunday, May 06, 2007


i was searching for this old mc serch aka michael berrin aka prince paul's friend aka tried to get into the beasie's but ended up getting the heisman from them aka host of the "white rapper show", clip where he talked about what he would write in his hair in his fade and then called out names from fake white rappers, but instead i found the clip from a video off of the soundtrack from 2000's "bamboozled." overall the movie was terrible but offered a nice foreshadowing and commentary on the state of media's obsession with exploitation and how it makes for "good tv." i think that savion glover getting shot by a group of militants didn't pack the punch that was needed for such a relevant message, but hey, has any spike lee joint ever had a good ending?! i mean, danny aiello throwing crumpled up money at mookie at the end of "," terrible. long live !!

man, if anyone knows what i'm taking about, thank you. here is the song that got me thinking:

, from 3rd bass featuring, yes!, nice and smooth



Blogger  said...

love it... skinny ass canibus.

5/07/2007 10:17:00 AM

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