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Monday, June 1, 2009

andrew ridgeley update; possible wham! reunion?

the other half of 80s phenoms wham! has left the public eye but the uk’s catches up with him and his quiet life with partner keren woodward (banarama). he’s still pals with george michael and might be performing with him at wembley for the first time in 21 years this summer.

They remain close friends who talk regularly on the phone. Occasionally locals will hear the whirring blades of George’s private helicopter as it lands on the fields of the farm to see his old pal.

listen again: careless whisper

(thanks, sizod.)

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  • billy said,

    It would be great for a wham reunion,i have waited two dacades,and i live in america,so ill probably wait alot longer-Billy-jacksonville florida,USA

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