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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new from sneakmove: minicomp2 f/ electric president, fog, meanest man contest, bonde do role, controller 7, subtitle, newageynofriends, fm3 and more!

sneakmove is thrilled to announce the release of minicomp2! the second volume of our limited-edition series of 7inches is a red vinyl compilation with short songs (about a minute long each) by eleven acts. check out the track listing and audio snippets below. pre-order here. records will ship in early April!

Side One (snippets: mp3)
1) - I Never Thought That the End of the World Would Look So Nice
2) - Retirement
3) - Sexy Rap Proposition!
4) - Demons Got Me
5) - The Virgin

Side Two (snippets: mp3)
1) - Montagem Do Cabra
2) - Rope on a Dope
3) - Supersub Sunday
4) - Promise Recommended This
5) - Video Flesh
6) - Monoqin

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  • Fabio said,

    oh helllllll nah! this looks goooood. are these exclusives?

  • Anonymous said,

    Consider it boughten.

  • Sex Math said,


  • louis said,

    so dope-loved that first one.

  • Anonymous said,

    great post, great music, great price

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