Friday, March 30, 2007

"heavy metal" summer

the worst and possibly greatest festival is happening this july. it's called . ugh. it features not some of the awful hair metal bands of the 80's, but all of them. poison, ratt, winger, quiet riot, dokken, warrant, y & t, bang tango, bullet boys, l.a. guns, vince neil, tesla, faster pussycat and firehouse! yes, firehouse! this festival is scheduled for 3 grueling days in pryor, oklahoma. yeah, i've never heard of that city either. i have a feeling this festival is just an excuse by the u.s. government to corral thousands of complete losers with horrible hair into one small area and make them disappear, if you know what i mean. i also love how warrant are listed twice on the flyer . all this bad mouthing aside, gary tijuana and i are probably renting an rv and driving out there if anyone is interested.


Blogger  said...

Is this where we report our LOLs. Put down 2 for me.

3/30/2007 04:57:00 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm like to be in. tim

4/01/2007 07:57:00 PM
Blogger  said...

Definitely going to travel out for this one. Sometimes a reminder of the things you loved in Jr. HS is nice to have. As well as the reasons you grew to hate those very same things later on.

4/03/2007 09:54:00 AM

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