Thursday, December 07, 2006

frankie's faves of '06

our good ol' pal frankie is a musical expert. he's been in bands for 10 years. he's toured nationally. he works in "the industry". he has thousands of records and cds. what i'm getting at is this: i trust his opinion. he says they're in no particular order, but let's keep em numbered 'cause it looks cool. what follows are frankie's actual words...

1. "River to Sea" - Jeremy Enigk
the most beautiful song you've ever heard, pretty much
2. "Hideaway" - Uncut
This song is wonderful. Distorted bass and jangly guitars should win cutest couple.
3. "I Lost Something in the Hills" - Sibylle Baier
Haunty, melodic and a little sad. Three's Company
4. "La Dame Et La Licorne" - Shearwater
This whole album is badass. Kind of Talk Talkish
5. "If You Fail We All Fail" - The Fields
I don't know if this song is even out yet, but it's damn good anyway
6. "Tiddlywink" - Rebelski
Cool Production and Instrumentation on this electronic type song
7. "One Time Too Many" - Phoenix
pure pop perfection, I'm not kidding
8. "Oh mandy" -the spinto band
9. "Fragment" - Max Richter
Don't even listen to this song. It will make you literally melt.
10. "Black Carpet Magic" - Lilys
This band has been all over the place musically, and this song slays.
11. "My Old Jacknife" - Ladyhawk
A great sing along hand-clapper style song.
12. "In the Reflection" - Flying Canyon
Doom Folk. Two words that should stay together forever.
13."Take A Walk Outside" - The Coast
So freakin catchy! Try not to 'air-bass' to this song, I dare you.
14. "So Much Time To Call My Own" - Barzin
Dreamy Dreams with some slide guitar
15. "Strings" - Asobi Seksu
I picked this song cuz it's really good.
16. "Pretty Baby" - Entrance
Psychedelic Craziness
17. "Drain Cosmetics" - Serena Maneesh
Kind of a stony version of a MBV and JAMC tune. A real joy.
18. "Battleground/Christmas Letters" - Seachange
Had to pick two songs by this band, couldn't help myself.
19. "Wolf Like Me" - TV On The Radio
I mean c'mon. You can't find a better song
20. "You Only Live Once" - the Strokes (no link. sorry.)
Yeah I know the Strokes are old news, but this song has it all. Jangle town baby!

honorable mention:
"Evil" - The Memory Band
Makes you feel like your outside in the rain and some spooky beautiful music is coming out of the woods.


Blogger  said...

flashgot time!

12/07/2006 11:51:00 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

being that this is frankie's list i was excepting to see on there

12/07/2006 02:14:00 PM
Blogger  said...

#5 the fields, i just received the today, i bought just it because i went to art school with the lead singer, i honestly didn't expect to like it, but i do.

12/07/2006 02:20:00 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another amazing playlist for my drive home, keep them coming, who's next? gary tijuana, dj ray liotta, jon sublet, turncoat politician, sizod?

12/07/2006 02:32:00 PM

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