Saturday, December 23, 2006

fmrm - xmas style

i highly recommend a vacation in mid-december. it is just after thanksgiving and then right before the xmas/hanukkah/kwanza/dick-in-a-box holidays. mexico is always a fine location, as well. it makes you think, however, that some places look just like the us. i should say that we look like mexico, since mexico is older than us. a few interesting things to ponder as we spin dreidels or tear open presents. there is a beach town, within about 15 miles south of puerto vallarta, called yelapa. yelapa is owned by the families of its original habitants. the formal land ownership came to the indigenous people by a grant the spanish crown in 1581 as a gift for their allegiance. the land ownership has been maintained ever since and protected in the 1910 constitution. amazing. they only recently have installed electricity and are still without cars. most of the restaurant owners and workers are decendents of the original families and will find offense in being called hispanics or latinos. when tripping to pv, make a stop there. another little point that i pondered whilst roaming around: how could a country so rich in natural resources, manufacturing, and wealth have such a wide divide of income? sure, it is a question asked around the world and there are many opinions. one cause of perpetual underdevelopment: remittences. payments by workers in the us back to mexico in 2001 came to 8 billion bones. imagine what it is now, as we near 2007. why would a country want to forge clear development lines when you are getting such a big chunk of regulated loot from the states?

by malverde playing in the background. not the malverde of mexican lore, a robin-hood of sorts, but the rapper of the same name from the costa oeste.


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