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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

new meanest man contest ep + "some people" mp3 + mmc remix contest

meanest man contest has just released a new ep through the fantastic label. it's called and it features four brand new songs. it's a digital-only release and an itunes exclusive (for now).

the cover art for some people was made by the very awesome . you can see more of his work at .

we've put an mp3 of the ep's lead song online for you to check out. it's called "some people (just get off on breaking hearts)." the other tracks on the ep are "you and i," "working for the weak end," and a collaboration with called "i would leave."

in other exciting news, has just launched a meanest man contest in support of our new .

download the acapella for "they do" and email your remix to us at heymmc at gmail dot com by december 15, 2007. our favorite entries will be featured as part of a future mmc release.

and speaking of our new grr 7inch, "throwing away broken electronics" and all the other tracks from the single are now available digitally through retailers like and . if you're so from-the-future that you can't stand to even touch a physical music product, this is probably your best bet. but remember: if you of the 7inch, you'll get a download code that gets you the mp3s for free. awesome!

mp3: meanest man contest - "some people (just get off on breaking hearts)" from the ep


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