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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hybrid laptop drives are out

seagate just came out with their . if you don't know, the concept is there's a small amount of flash memory that comes with the drive. this auxiliary memory stores frequently accessed data and reduces the amount of work the actual hard drive needs to do. on a laptop, this can save as much as half of your battery life and extends the overall life of the drive. radical.
(via , macnn.)

with the price of solid state (no moving parts, usually flash) storage going down and the capacity going up, it begs the question when would a fully solid state drive be a viable option. a 64gb flash drive is . probably not worth til you can get 128gb for $500.


Anonymous said...

surely it will be a while before they can match the (currently) 250gb drive maximum for laptop drives... but i'm definitely excited for that to happen. getting very tired of replacing batteries and drives!

10/09/2007 05:21:00 PM

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