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Monday, October 15, 2007

chicago reader on music blogs as record labels

this article is nearly a month old, but i missed it when it first came out, so i thought i'd post it now: the chicago reader reports on with some sorta interesting stuff to say about how how the whole blogger-as-a&r thing might shake out over the next few years.

“Of all the sites out there,” Bonnell says, “Stereogum is most likely to have success as a label.” That’s a good guess, given the blog’s huge popularity among indie rockers, but as one of the genre’s leading providers of free songs it’d be rowing against its own current by trying to sell anything. “The types of people who frequent Stereogum are typically looking for free music to add to their already gigantic iTunes libraries. So converting those fans of free music to paying customers would be a challenge.”

major points taken off for not even mentioning us here at sneakmove (we're on our fifth physical release, people -- and we're releasing vinyl, to boot), but good stuff overall.


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