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Friday, June 15, 2007

nobody's grandmother should be this radical, nobody's!

this woman is incredible. she's got more street cred than the zulu nation and the hillside stranglaz combined. actually she probably has more in common with hipsters from williamsburg. watch her sip on some mountain dew and handle her business on the decks.



I've never said it before, but shame on you sneakmove! Falling for Mountain Dew's viral marketing campaign and giving them a free ad. Is that even the old lady's hand doing the scratchy scratch? Looks like clever editing to me. C'mon, DJ Fretless!

6/17/2007 07:22:00 PM

oh puh-lease! he shoulda known, but there's nothing wrong with posting a commercial if it's enjoyable. and who cares who's hand is scratching?

6/19/2007 01:12:00 PM

Tim, I want you to look at me dead in the face and tell me Mountain Dew isn't the most delicious lemon-lime soft drink on the market. I dare you!

6/19/2007 01:22:00 PM

I think it's totally fair to give them props for discovering such a bad ass grannie. They're just sharing radness with the world. Now excuse me while I go enjoy my complimentary beverage.

6/19/2007 04:37:00 PM

Wow! I had no intention of stirring such controversy. Okay.

Quarby: Posting funny ads is totally cool. And it's y'alls site so do what you like. But this is a bogus and in my opinion corn syrupy attempt to graft onto a legitimate art form. Like those Mountain Dew ads that used to feature the art of mountain biking.
Frankie: You are a man now. Mountain Dew exists solely to keep sugar-ravaged children and teens from developing the concentration required to learn math and literacy, thereby allowing the Haves to retain perpetual power. Billy: Have you tried Slice?

6/19/2007 10:34:00 PM

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