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Monday, April 16, 2007

will ferrell makes hilarious two-minute online video with his daughter, gets huge financial backing

will ferrell and adam mckay's new online comedy site has gotten an immediate from sequoia capital, one of the venture capital firms that helped fund google, yahoo, youtube, paypal, ea, cisco and apple. the site is a blend of youtube's user created content and digg's voting setups. ferrell recruited a real heavy-hitter for his first submission:

EDIT: looks like they'll have to take some of those millions to make their embedded flash player work, cuz it doesn't!
EDIT 2: now it works but autostarts? no one likes that!
EDIT 3: this autostart thing has driven me nuts. i'm disabling the vid. sorry.

lets try youtube, before it gets pulled down.

(thanks, satt.)



it's adam mckay's daughter.

but, who the hell is adam mckay?

4/17/2007 10:01:00 AM

Good catch on the daughter being Adam's. Sorry for any confusion.

McKay is a former SNL writer who went on to write Anchorman and Talledega Nights. According to his , he also helped start the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater, got Tina Fey to audition for SNL, is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, and is married to Jeremy Piven's sister!!

4/17/2007 11:33:00 AM

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