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Thursday, December 07, 2006

jay-z and timbaland in the studio picking out beats

watch as listens to a sample of beats. right at the 1:43 mark timbaland showcases a beat that judging by the look on jay-z's face was sure to be a hit.
here's a hint...
peep: jay-z "dirt off your shoulder"



is he drinking a gallon of milk?

12/07/2006 09:32:00 AM

thats pretty rad.

the guy who designed the Ex'pressions Studios, John Stork, also did timbaland's... you will notice a very ugly similarity... PURPLE!

12/07/2006 10:12:00 AM

given his "shape", i woudl say he is drinking purple juice. did you notice how much he loves bananas!?

12/07/2006 10:31:00 AM

I sure did... he's literally going bananas for bananas!

12/07/2006 06:26:00 PM

if you haven't see the full jay-z fade to black dvd, you owe it to yourself just to see the rick rubin studio portion. the milk gallon and "the potion" scraps here kill it though.

12/07/2006 11:09:00 PM

tampico fruit punch. damn million dollar beat maker and he drinks 95 cent punch.

12/08/2006 10:37:00 AM

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