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Friday, December 5, 2008

faves of ‘06

here are my favorite songs that came out in 2006. yes, i tend to like sad songs, but there’s a nice mix here.

25. clipse “dirty money”
the whole lp is good. it’s so hard to choose.
24. islands “ones”
subtle and floating. six minutes long but feels like two.
23. hemstad “patrik sjöberg”
all out instrumental assault of musical fun. feels like about 300 bpm.
22. augie march “cold acre”
“when a dog knows its owner it doesn’t ask why it just goes”
21. sunparlour players “pacifist’s anthem”
this jam builds from the beginning. eventually you’ll just have to admit you love it.
20. flaming lips “it overtakes me”
who would’ve thunk it? a dancefloor banger from the lips.
19. sparklehorse “see the light”
“the wave’s and the thunder’s prose within her belly glows”
18. eric bachmann “carrboro woman”
the dude from archers of loaf (and various other bands) doing dylan style songs. this one reminds me of “it ain’t me babe”.
17. chad vangaalen “burn 2 ash”
“i would hope for true love, not a pair of handcuffs”
16. page france “say wolf in the summertime”
“may i die in the summertime, may your eyes know which glow is mine”
15. sonic youth “incinerate”
it’s in her eight.
14. destroyer “your blood”
i could have just as easily picked several other tracks from the rubies record. the songs have a certain ecstatic delivery.
13. jolie holland “springtime can kill you”
great singing of a great melody.
12. sunset rubdown “stadiums and shrines II”
sounds like it was played so incredibly loud the tape can barely contain it.
11. special agent crazy flower “local landmark preservation”
recorded in china on a laptop. this song may have somehow cosmically caused the resurrection of chavez.
10. +/- {plus/minus} “this is all (i have left)”
great guitar playing. trying new things. respect.
9. spank rock “sweet talk”
“stop acting like a bitch and throw your hands up”
8. xiu xiu “save me”
how the heck does he come up with this stuff? sounds like nothing else.
7. edison victrola “clap (unreleased)”
our boy eddie vic really kills it with this one. any dj should grab this track. it contains instant crowd hypeness.
6. tacks, the boy disaster “frozen feet”
really unique. great arrangement. it’s eerie and it makes you move.
5. curtis vodka “mary jane”
try not to bump your head to this.
4. m ward “to go home”
another daniel johnston cover from mr. ward. the rollicking main part is irresistible.

the last three songs fit a nice general rule like most of my favorite songs: they could make you simultaneously dance and cry.

3. dosh “um, circles and squares”
2. baby dayliner “at least”
1. junior boys “like a child”

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  • DJ Ray Liotta said,

    are you joshing me, brosef? bestest post ever.

  • Jon Sublet said,

    this is an awesome collection of sounds! 2006 has been an awesome yr.

  • Jeff said,

    great selections! a good mix, I must say.

  • stephanie said,

    lovin’ this. thanks sweet quarbs.

  • Anonymous said,

    I love this time of the year! I don’t listen to much in the way of new music, but I get a chance to download people’s favorites from the past year and I can sample the best of the best. I’m only familiar with 2 of the artists featured here, so I look forward to listening.

  • Anonymous said,

    looks like someone forgot that k fed released his album in 2006

  • Anonymous said,

    just dumped them on my ipod for the drive home.

  • sizod said,

    i love quarby mix tapes

  • Anonymous said,

    i wonder if the riaa will also like quarbys mixtape

  • j. keith van rappin said,

    awesome list qb! love it. i think that jb track is my #1 fav this year too.

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