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Sunday, February 22, 2009

underappreciated 80s gems

yes, lots of people know these songs, but it’s not enough. i don’t hear them as much as i hear human league and safety dance, etc. new year’s is coming and we all know there is never enough 80s when you’re partying… or ever.

aztec camera “oblivious”
the icicle works “birds fly (whisper to a scream)”
haircut 100 “love plus one”
the stranglers “always the sun”

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  • Anonymous said,

    Perfect title for this post on these songs.

    In part because the “history” of rock is about significant bands that had long-running careers (or died young, the only alternative), if a band was uncool or kind of meandered in their career, they are not part of the official history.

    But for us real listeners and enjoyers and students, a large part of what has thrilled us in our REAL rock history is just such little gems.

    Bruce K.

    P.S. Must be the lager talking, pretty pompous stuff.

  • Anonymous said,

    I liked the Stranglers during their physical Olivia Newton John phase a little more. The sun song is not half bad however. You want some ’80s? You’re DOA!

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