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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

friday recap

has been kind enough to provide us with some of the songs he played friday. it was a fun night. absotively killed it.
thanks to for the pics and vid.

mirage “lake of dreams (demo)”
crazy penis “bumcop”

air vs. antibalas “hypocrite love”
paul mccartney “temporary secretary”
lindstrom “music in my mind”
leroy hanghofer “das pi”
yaz “don’t go (quarterbar rum mix)”
the human league “the sound of the crowd”
bauhaus “kick in the eye”
new order “your silent face”
goldfrapp “number 1″
gramme “like you”
the emperor machine “labocatocs (vincent markowski’s polski re-rub)”
moderne “switch on bach”
japan “gentlemen take polaroids”
supersystem “miracle (rapture remix)”
think about life feat. subtitle “what the future might be”
ruth “roman photo”
the incredible moses leroy “we don’t dance”
icicle works “birds fly (whisper to a scream)”
baby dayliner “at least”

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  • J. Keith van Rappin said,

    i’m so happy for so many reasons right now

  • gary tijuana said,

    nominated for post of the month, june 2007.

  • Anonymous said,

    Rare copy of Ruth Polaroid/Roman/Photo on vinyl:

  • Anonymous said,

    Again, if you have the money to burn, a rare vinyl copy of Ruth Polaroid Roman Photo:

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