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Saturday, February 14, 2009

madlib, andrew hill, alain goraguer

has released tons of stuff. lots but not all of it is great. i like his approach, though. he presents a wealth of sounds for listener to dig through. it’s like he’s creating his own set of record crates. listening to him, you really get a sense of his “craft”, for lack of a better term. there’s a not-for-sale comp. called that has a bunch of the songs he’s sampled and another one called that some of his blue note samples. both are worth checking out. i also really liked his track from the .

listen to:
the free design “where do i go? (madlib remix)” from the free design: the now sound redesigned
andrew hill “illusion” from untinted
alain goraguer “le bracelet” from the crates

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  • Anonymous said,

    hey do you think you could get “i found love” by the free design??

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