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Saturday, February 14, 2009

she wants revenge = justin warfield and dj adam 12

how in the world did i not know this until today? turns out that is the product of , the guy behind the early ’90s weirdo-rap classic , and dj adam 12, who you might remember from the indie rap tracks he produced in the late ’90s for acts like , , and . hmm …

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  • bomarr said,

    yeah, i’ve had many a discussion about these guys with people who think they’re an amazing band. while the songs on the album are catchy, i just can’t get past the fact that these guys are COMPLETELY biting joy division and interpol. it’s too much! you’ve got to draw the line somewhere between a “tribute” to a classic band and straight up plagiarism. they took a formula that’s already been proven to be successful and ran with it. not that that hasn’t been done before. i just get really angry when i hear about these guys getting so popular.

  • Halfway said,

    I second what bomarr and quarby said with the added point that I don’t think they are remotely good in any way, stealing or not. If it was brand new it would suck balls, in my opinion.

  • QuarBy said,

    yeah, djhd. not into the songs. and I don’t hear joy division like i do when i listen to interpol. it seems to me that these guys were just inspired by interpol without knowing about joy division. they come off as lame opportunists who wrote a record because they saw a hole in the market. shameless. they’re probably just looking at it as business, not art, which is the basic flaw with being annoyed at these groups. it’s an entirely different thing than what the bands i love are all about. i gotta ask myself, would I do the same thing for a million bux? probably maybe.

  • Pleaj said,

    Their second single is actually a direct bite of a Joy Division song (chords, melody) with a very slight change.

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