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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the future of 3d display is about to become awesome

posts a piece about inventer who has flipped around a wii remote and receiver, coded together some custom software, and published the stunning results as he has effectively transformed his monitor from a flat display into a window to another world.

you really have to see it to fully grasp how amazing this is going to be.

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  • QuarBy said,

    holy god. so cool and crazy.

  • Anonymous said,

    that is pretty impressive work by a hobbyist. serious kudos.

  • Anonymous said,

    pretty sure i may know where this guy may end up working…

  • J. Keith van Rappin said,

    makes me want to play video games again. i’ve kinda figured that virtual reality is the next area video games and entertainment will go. where sci fi becomes factual. johnny’s a genius for developing this stuff.

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