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Friday, September 25, 2009

harmonia, cluster

the electronic/krautrock bands and shared two members: hans-joachim roedelius and dieter moebius. they both have connections to the band neu! and the ubiquitous brian eno. if you like driving rhythms and subtle melodic shifts (hey, who doesn’t?), then you should check these bands out.

listen to:
harmonia “dino” from musik von harmonia. 1974
cluster “caramel” from zuckerzeit. 1974

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  • bomarr said,

    zuckerzeit is a pretty amazing record

  • said,

    [...] ou ce qu’il a embarqué avec lui sur la tournée. [pas mal de Krautrock d'ailleurs] Neu, Harmonia, Cluster, Amon Duul, tout le label sublime Frequencies et Omar [...]

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