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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

where’d that band name come from?

check and see if .

a few stinkers:

— according to the name supposedly came to singer in a vision.

- When asked where they got their name, they responded, “The dictionary.” The word “evanescence” means “a disappearance or dissipation, like vapor.” They apparently had a horrible name before and wanted something better. They also wanted to do some artwork (with whatever name they chose) and decided to look under E. They liked the word and definition, likening it to the temporal nature of life.

- Our third eye is the imagined one that gives us a kind of sixth sense (telepathy, ESP, etc.) and the band felt that most of us are blind in that sense. There is also a symbolic third eye (all knowing eye) that appears on the back of a U.S. dollar bill.

- David Lee Roth considered naming the band “Mammoth” until Alex and Eddie Van Halen thought the name “Van Halen” would be better.

xiu xiu’s on there, but no meanest man contest yet. add it!

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