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Saturday, April 4, 2009

gettin’ head while i’m swervin’

guys put together another funny hip-hop “digital short” for last night’s saturday night live. why, it’s natalie portman gangsta rapping, of course! it’s not as great as “lazy sunday” (and it’s essentially the same joke), but it get points for using funny interpolations of sir mix-a-lot’s “posse on broadway” and several nwa songs (it’s an homage to eazy’s “no more questions”). UPDATE: the video has been pulled from youtube, due to copyright infringement. you can still catch it at .

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  • sam biguity said,

    Reasons why this one is better:
    1. Natalie P.
    2. Working against tons of expectations
    3. Less cheesy, visual, pop-culture gags
    4. “No More Questions” is one of the most brillantly bizarre pieces of vaudevillian performance art ever and hence revels in homage
    5. Natalie P.’s posse
    6. Natalie P.

    Reasons it’s worse:
    1. Some gratuitous Seth Meyers
    2. Some Samberg for the sake of it because there was nowhere else to go

  • sam biguity said,

    Also, Libertarianism JUST MAKES CENTS!

  • stoy said,

    “This video has been removed due to copyright infringement.”

  • q.t.i.m. said,

    this was cute and everything, but i’m honestly pretty confused why nobody is talking about the two stellar performances by Fallout Boy.

  • Anonymous said,

    Fallout boy sucks hairy nut sacks, and so does Libertarianism.

  • Anonymous said,

    Here is another copy of it from Its also widescreen

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