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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ten Completely Amazing Child Drummers

Playing any musical instrument well takes years of practice, but there’s something especially challenging about mastering the drums. Perhaps it is having to develop four-limb independence–for most grownups, after years of becoming reliant on our dominant hand, it’s nearly impossible to learn how to do four things at the same time.

Children are said to have better rhythm skills than adults. They love to dance and move whenever they hear a beat. This might be part of the reason why some kids learn to excel on the drums at a very early age. There’s something fascinating, wonderful, and totally demoralizing about seeing someone under age 10 playing better than I could ever dream to.

Here are ten young drummers that make me want to quit drumming altogether.

Tyler Hudson. Video shows his progression from age 2 to age 9.

Igor Falecki. Age 4.

Kendall Henderson. Age 5.

And a with his dad on bass.

Donnie DJ Henderson (Kendall’s younger brother). Age 4.

Jacob Armen. Age 7. (Performing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson)

Sara. Age 11.

Her is highly enjoyable too.


J. Age 3

Tony Royster Jr. Age 12

Demas Narawangsa. Age 9

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