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Friday, June 12, 2009

short films, cool places, completely addictive

i was recently shown the site , and promptly spent a few hours being unable to stop watching. it’s a collection of short user-made films focusing on various neighborhoods. most of the hip spots have been done (williamsburg, the mission, hollywood) but the clips about the quirky small places are where the magic happens. the can be hard to find, so here’s the direct link.

a recently deleted sf craigslist ad might have been interesting to aspiring filmmakers. maybe send them your demo reel anyway?

TurnHere is a new online video travel portal revolutionizing the short travel documentary and combining the two hottest trends on the web today: video and navigation. We are based in Emeryville.

We are looking for smart experienced filmmakers to create 3-minute character-driven internet films about San Francisco’s neighborhoods (and other Bay Area locales). The ideal filmmaker has a feel for the street and the off-beat.
Knows how to find “tour guides” that can bring flavor and fun to the screen while giving an outsider an inside look at hip hidden gems in diverse hoods. Your movie will capture the feel of the neighborhood and will be interesting for locals as well as others across the country to watch online.

(thanks, sizod.)

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  • Anonymous said,

    My favorite is the Has Bay Area housing got so expensive that people have to live in shipping containers?

  • Anonymous said,

    this is actually a big trend in architecture right now…

  • LMJR said,

    belltown? boooo
    buncha puka shell shiny shirt rapists

  • gary tijuana said,

    on this thing now!

    LMjr– I think you’re confusing belltown and SF’s Marina…

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